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Special Rates Up to 80% Off. Best Price Guarantee in Pennsylvania, Book Now The 1948 Donora smog killed 20 people and caused respiratory problems for 7,000 people of the 14,000 population of Donora, Pennsylvania, a mill town on the Monongahela River 24 miles (39 km) southeast of Pittsburgh.The event is commemorated by the Donora Smog Museum.. Sixty years later, the incident was described by The New York Times as one of the worst air pollution disasters in the nation. October 30, 1948: The Death Smog, as it will sometimes be labeled afterward, darkens daylight on the downtown streets of Donora, Pennsylvania. For five days straight, an overhead temperature. The 1948 Donora smog was the worst air pollution disaster in U.S. history. It jumpstarted the fields of environmental and public health, drew attention to the need for industrial regulation, and. This is clipped from the 1967 film, Beware the Wind, produced at the George Washington University with funding from the U.S. Public Health Service. In 1948,.

The smog that blanketed the small town of Donora, Pennsylvania in October 1948 caused at least 21 deaths and ultimately resulted in the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1963. This photo shows 9 of the 10 spelter stacks of U.S. Steel's Donora Zinc Works. Donora Historical Society. In Donora, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) by car south of Pittsburgh along the Monongahela River, what. A small milling town in Pennsylvania was submerged in killer smog in October 1948. Donora, Pennsylvania, was the home of two U.S. Steel plants that emitted t.. Donora: A temperature inversion sets the stage for the Donora Smog of 1948. , Pennsylvania. Welcome to the Daily TWiP, your daily dose of all the holidays, historical observances, etc., we couldn't cram into The Week in Preview. Today in 1948, a stifling yellow smog descended on the industrial mill town of Donora, Pa. It blanketed the town until Oct. 31st, when it was finally dispersed. The 1948 Donora Smog - Pennsylvania Historical Markers on Waymarking.com. View waymark gallery. The 1948 Donora Smog. in Pennsylvania Historical Markers. Posted by: renruts. N 40° 10.578 W 079° 51.323. 17T E 597453 N 4447953. Quick Description: On Halloween 1948, a black cloud blanketed the area killing 20 and leaving many sick making this America's worst air pollution disaster ever.

Photo of Donora, Pennsylvania before the 1948 tragedy. Credit- Donora History and Smog Museum/Bruce Dreisbach. Individual homes were heated by coal furnaces which added more pollutants to the surrounding environment. Many Donora residents frequently complained of breathing problems and burning sensations in their eyes. This condition was more or less a way of life in Donora. For a five day. Donora Genealogy (in Washington County, PA) USA (1,111,104) > Pennsylvania (62,495) > Washington County (1,204) > Donora (21). Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages This is not hyperbole. At the end of October 1948, the communities of Donora and Webster in Pennsylvania were visited by a smog that changed the face of environmental protection in the United States. Conservative estimates showed that 20 individuals died, while an additional 5900-43% of the population of Donora-were affected by the smog. This event led to the first large-scale epidemiological. Donora is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States, approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River.. Donora was incorporated in 1901. It got its name from a combination of William Donner and Nora Mellon, banker Andrew W. Mellon's wife. The borough's nickname is The Home of Champions, mainly because of the large number of famous athletes who.

Donora, Pennsylvania Smog Event of 1948 J. Ivel Introduction. Donora is a town located in Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh, along the Monongahela River. The town was home to many industries, such as steel mills and zinc melting plants (History.com, 2009). The major zinc melting plant, Zinc Works, was owned by the US Steel Corporation (Bryson, 1998). Zinc Works was built on land adjacent. The Clean Air Act has prevented another incident like that of the Donora Smog of 1948 and the London Fog of 1952. In fact, since the act's inception, emissions of toxic lead in the United States have dropped 98 percent. Also, sulfur dioxide emissions have dropped 35 percent and carbon monoxide levels have fallen 32 percent. Donora is said to have started the movement towards clean air. In a. In the early morning hours of October 26, 1948, a fog settled over the town of Donora, Pennsylvania, the home of U.S. Steel Corporation's Donora Zinc Works and American Steel and Wire. As the day wore on, the fog became progressively thicker and witnesses even claimed that it was so thick and potent they could taste it. By October 29, the inversion had trapped so much pollution and fog that.

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DONORA, Pa. When the killer smog rolled into town here in October 1948, 12-year-old Joann Crow thought it was an adventure. Dad couldn't drive us to school because it was so hard to see. By December 1948, Chemical and Engineering News magazine published Sadtler's findings: There was high fluoride content in Donora's vegetation. But the industry quickly disputed Sadtler's research through attacks by Robert Kehoe at Kettering Laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio, and others involved in the steel trade, Bryson noted

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THE DETROIT NEWS, October 31, 1948 * Donora, Pennsylvania smog disaster The front page has one column headings: Death of 15 Laid to Smog and At Least 50 Ill in Pittsburgh Area. 1st report coverage on the Donora smog disaster near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Other news, sports and advertisements of the day throughout including front page reporting on Operation Hiram 1948: An inversion layer settles over the rust belt town of Donora, Pennsylvania, trapping industrial pollution in the atmosphere. When it clears six days later, 20 people are dead, another 50 are. takes us back in time to Donora, Pennsylvania (10 minutes of the 23 minute show,) the epicenter of the clean air initiative thanks to the thick yellow smog that blanketed the city for five straight days in 1948 and led to 27 deaths from that toxic air. Dr. Devra Davis (see above,) an environmental health expert and Donora native, explains how the tragic incident led to the Clean Air Act and. The 1948 Donora smog was a historic air inversion that resulted in a wall of smog that killed 20 people and sickened 7,000 more in Donora, Pennsylvania, a mill town on the Monongahela River, 24 mi southeast of Pittsburgh. The event is commemorated by the Donora Smog Museum. Whiskey Rebellion The Whiskey Rebellion (also known as the Whiskey Insurrection) was a tax protest in the United States.

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